Tuesday, 31 January 2012

The Awakening

To the memory of W.E.B. Du Bois

No sweeter sound
will enliven my heart
than the unchaining of
beautiful Andromeda

But if Perseus lapses
will we simply wait
till perchance he sets her free?
Or will we Rise from
our eternal slumber
and tackle
the monsters’ talons
Our Will to reclaim our home?

If Libya loses her bravest fight
Perseus his enviable might
will we remain splintered?
Or will we Unite?

How long can be a dream?
How deep a sleep?
Monsters have no manners
their will is perpetual plunder
to attack and devour
it matters not how nor when
in the night’s stillness
when we pray and sleep
in the day’s brilliance
when we play and toil

They have no care
for punctuated prayers
lamentations and tears
they too have dreams
of reigning terror
and War Cries
from babies
brave men
warrior women
From you and me
on opposing sides
of their power
of permanent victory
and belief
That you and me
cannot ever win
That our prayers have
exasperated the heart of God
That like us
our gods are sleeping
Or struck silent
That our ancestors have
abandoned our pleas
That we who once hoped
now despair
That our faith without works
have made us all mad

But the monsters’ dream is not mine
Their ill-gotten gains
Must be revoked
If poor Perseus is slain
I Will Birth Heru
I Will not
Stand Still
And wait

To embrace the peace
I seek
I Will adorn my
Warrior’s vestments
I Will not only set
but SOUND the great alarm
Blow with every breath
And might
The War Horns
Nkrumah’s stride

My faith is not dimmed
I am not made mad
By the monsters’ wicked meddling
My Will is the tide of

Cast their for centuries
my ancestors will
tear Poseidon to pieces
And even hell wont welcome him
They do not sleep
I tell you
Lumumba’s laughter
has not wilted
The three Toures are
yet pounding fists
and exchanging hearts
Fanon’s fury with the French
still inspires revolt
And Yaa is my name and muse
Garvey’s Black Star
is still docked in Ghana’s flag
see how it waves in the wind
The gentlest breeze is a good sign
Can you feel it
freshening your face,
whistling in your ear,
tickling its way through your hair?
They do not sleep
I tell you
I do not sleep
You do not sleep
We do not sleep
Dreams alone cannot
design your destiny
nor envision
Human dignity
I am reaching for your hand
I feel it folding in mine
Reach for your sister’s hand
Your brother’s is outstretched
Each Together Arise

Haitian Pride has not worn
Congo no longer wails
from tyranny and greed
Her riches enrich her own
And Azania, Zimbabwe, Rwanda
Nigeria, Uganda, Sudan South
Egypt and Burkino-Faso too
Can you hear my horn?
Are my drums
pounding your hearts?

I Am U N C H A I N E D
And so are You...
And so are You...
And so are You.

M. Yaa Asantewa

Note, Sculpture is from Artist Fowokan's site: