Monday, 30 April 2012

As Bright as the Morning Rising

She is waiting
as all ancients do
till time turns
her borning
and vibrating
from flame
from fire
a nascent beat returning
and unbounded

Struggle is the
Particular shade of
Black and earth brown
Bolding her eyes
Chains the grooves
Weaving her skin
Revolution sounds
Her heart

She is coming
Earth Rendered and
Hurt healing so
deep scarred but

Embleming beauty
Her poised lips
Withholding herstories
And ours
An untrained sensuality
Lain long and alone
In the silent memory
of womb

She is rising
Like potent prayers
Bellowed from belly
From soul
To the hearts
Of Goddesses

Oh but she comes
With that graceful gift
of sweetly sown
and brings not simple hope
But Truth
Spirited from the
bosom of eternity
mothering fathering
life not wars

She is rising
Spirit catching
She is rising
With the
tenderest light
beaming her face

she is dawning
scenting rain
sounding something
a long time lost
but now made new
blazoning heart
stirring spirits
sunning fresh
blades and resplendent
perfecting paths
of unencountered journeys

She is rising
Sacred power
And I chant
In the hidden secrecies
Of her eyes
And I cry
for unity
And I call
For unfolding mysteries
That will take us there
To the perfecting of peace
she is coming
sounding from her heart
the subtle untangling of keys.

Top Artwork by Fowokan "As Bright as the Morning Rising"
Poem - Michelle Yaa Asantewa

Second Art Work - a portrait of my mum by my niece Leah.
Photo - Yaa in nubiance.

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