Thursday, 1 November 2012

Affirming Thanks

To the Creative Life Force
Which directs my Divine Path, I give thanks:

Thanks for my light and life
My health and my peace of mind
Thanks for love, beauty and abundance.

I give thanks for guidance, wisdom and understanding
This trinity of spiritual elevation

I give thanks for present and absent family
My beautiful friends with whom I have shared this journey
Who have been patient with me, who have loved me and been true to me.
I give thanks for new friends who bless me with renewed wisdoms and understanding.

I give thanks for the many challenges that enable me to be more disciplined and purposeful in my life.

Thank you for the heart that courageously embraces every experience good and bad. I give thanks for the ability to turn misery to laughter and dismantle the mountain of negativity.

I am blessed by my interaction with the forces of nature. Through this I struggle to read the signs that direct me along the path of liberation. I am in tune with the rhythm of the seasons.
The moon does not make me mad. She is my great mother and I honor her. The sun guides me. Through him I am successful. I overcome my negative impulses and shine.

I give thanks for my open-heartedness and willingness to receive new ideas. I am not afraid to open the door of my subconscious where hidden truths abide.

In my dreams I run and win races.
I climb stairs and do not tire. I will one day master flight.
In my dreams I pick and eat the sweetest fruits. Some fall at my feet from overbearing trees.
I eat freshly baked bread. I waltz through great halls, attending sumptuous banquets where a seat is secured for me. My place there has been earned.

I am not watcher but maker and participant too. I share my wisdoms with anyone who searches like me.
I accept that there is a Divine Plan, moulded by Divine Law.
I AM not afraid that I AM part of it. I do not fear who I AM.
I recognise that here the Power is. And it is mine – now and always.

Through my Will I express this Power.
I champion the Wisdom of Tehuti, without which I have no meaning.
I am completely blessed and suffused with perfect Understanding. Through this I am guided.

My steps are ever certain and climbing towards liberation
From doubt, fear, ill-feelings and indiscipline.

Justice is my visible shield for I do not sacrifice the collective good will for individual grandeur and fortune.
Beauty is engraved on my heart. For beauty has a soul that extends its force to my life.

I uphold her Truth and know that I am Victorious. The expression of beauty is my desire for temperance, equality and freedom for all. All receive and freely give. All are rich; all share in the great, unlimited supply.

I chant to the eternal light. This prevailing splendour that channels me and restores my confidence, borning me new from the shadows that aim at my Soul.

I give thanks for the grace and love of Oshun, my muse. My heart is glad it found you. Het-Heru resides there too, driving me to that destiny with Ausar.

My ancestors keep me rooted to my purpose. In every experience they reveal themselves to me; their brooms sweep my path. They are the pillars of assurances and I never forget their perfecting rhythm. I drink wine and eat wholesome food in honour of them.For my body is the chamber of spirit and I respect it.
I nurture it with good thinking and being. I adorn it with the spirit of humility, compassion, joy and love. I nourish it with beauty and grace. I charge it with courage and confidence to champion the rise of Heru and the Power of Ausar.
Without wisdom for which my spirit ever yearns my divinity is vanity alone.

My path has long been designed. I ask only to remember, to give thanks and be guided by the exacting melody of Wisdom.

Shout Out

Top image - credited to D'bi Young (from her facebook)