Monday, 7 January 2013

A Quiet place

Where a single translucent
drifting along
a glassy lake
doesn’t seem

where time is contemplation
not the dash of numbers
speed marching round
wall and wrist

where meditating
and morning
have the same rhythm
and meaning

where bathing is ritual
honouring rivers, seas
and Oschun

Where every room
is sanctuary
furniture free
TVs and screens
not necessary
and the only stair ascended is
from Geb to Ausar

where love is no kind of pain
nor the impetuous gushing of words
but Divine communion
and atonement for nurturing soul

where every birdsong
is the lullaby of a private revolution
in stillness

where breathing is not simply
mechanic, nor convulsed
but the delicate crafting of aliveness

where peace is not an overindulged aspiration
impelled by concocted tyranny
where no one designs hysteria
to veil my will and imagination

A quiet place
where embrace is the shared
heartbeat of a thousand
elevated souls

A quiet place
where I can simply be
and delight in being alone
in the serenity of silence.

By M. Yaa. Asantewa
(January 2013)

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